Daltrans - transport and spedition

About us

The company DALTRANS started in June 1988. Since the beginning it has been offering international transport and shipping services. It is owned by Henryk Dalaszyński. 

Throughout many years we have gained great experience and acquired qualified personnel to assure high quality service. We have at your disposal fully equipped tractors with semitrailers as well as trucks that are always ready to start working for you. 

Work with us!

Daltrans in numbers

tractorswith universal semitrailers 13,60 m
tractorswith mega trailers
Sets of trucks with a trailer with a total cubage of 120m3


Transporty realizujemy na terenie całej Europy w oparciu o nowoczesny tabor.

Gwarancję wysokiego poziomu świadczonych usług zapewniają:

  • We are covered by insurance for Civil Liability for 300 thousand Euro,
  • We assure constant contact with our drivers via mobile phones,
  • Our own service.

Thanks to our own service station our cars are in a perfect technical condition, which greatly influences punctuality and professionalism, the most important factors in transport business. 

We also offer repairs of tractors, trucks and trailer

Interesting facts

Our drivers are passing annually approx. 8 640 000 km.
It is a distance equal to 216 times around the Earth or 12 courses to the moon and back!